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You've found yourself caught in that challenging time between pay periods where your checking account balance is dwindling, but you know you'll be able to make ends meet in the interim so long as no unexpected expenses spring up. Usually, none do, but this time bills have materialized suddenly, and you're scrambling for a solution. Perhaps you fell ill and incurred some pricey medical bills. Maybe something went wrong with your car, and you had to spring for a few expensive but necessary repairs. Whatever the reason, a payday loan can help you. It will give you just what you need a relatively small amount of cash temporarily to attend to urgent bills and other expenses.

How to get the Money You Need

Cash advances are an interesting hybrid of secured and unsecured loans in that they can offer the best of both worlds. On the one hand, because they are tied to your next paycheck, they offer the reasonable rates typically associated with secured loans. On the other hand, they do not require you to put up any collateral in the traditional sense, which gives you the flexibility of an unsecured product. The hallmarks of a check advance include a relatively short term (usually around two weeks), a modest principal (these products are designed for fairly small fiscal needs, typically ranging from $500-$1000 with most lenders), and minimal qualification requirements (your lender will not be concerned with your financial history).

Finding a Lender

The company from which you choose to borrow can make the difference between a positive experience and an expensive regret. Short-term lenders are virtually omnipresent online, but not all providers are created equal. In the interest of the security of your personal information and your finances, you should do business only with established providers who offer fair terms and rates and are forthcoming about what those will be. A good lending company will tell you exactly what you can expect, protect your privacy, and deliver on the promises they make. Choosing an inexperienced, fly-by-night lender might result in your information being compromised, your paying unnecessarily high rates, or your getting locked in to a product that has unreasonable terms and conditions.

But if you're new to borrowing money online, how are you to discern the quality companies from the disreputable? The answer is simple, make your decision based on the recommendations of an independent source familiar with the industry. That is where we can help you. We are a free referral site that partners with lending providers that we've extensively vetted to ensure our visitors' satisfaction. Our affiliates collectively have decades of experience in this business, and they boast some of the highest borrower-satisfaction rates in the industry. To connect with one of our trusted partners for free, simply fill out the form you will find on this page. We will then refer you to a provider that fulfill your immediate financial needs efficiently and affordably.

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